Whoomp! (There it Is) with DC Glenn aka DC the Brain Supreme of Tag Team

DC Glenn is an American musician, film actor, and voice-over artist. He is known as one half of the 90’s rap group Tag Team, who created the multi-platinum classic stadium anthem “Whoomp! There It Is." Tag Team was also part of the award-winning GEICO commercial, Scoop There It Is!

In this special episode of The Authority, DC and Ross discuss:
  • DC’s career in music and beyond
  • How Tag Team came together and recorded their breakout hit
  • How early DC knew he wanted to pursue music
  • Lifelong learning through paralegal courses, digital marketing and more
  • Scoop There it Is – AdWeek’s #1 ad of 2021. “Delirious daydream that belongs in the Smithsonian.”
  • What DC has learned about entrepreneurship
  • What’s left to conquer?
Learn more about DC Glenn on Twitter @DCGlennATL or online at https://www.tagteambackagain.com 

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About today’s guest
DC Glenn is an American film actor and voice-over artist residing in Atlanta, GA. He is also known as one half of the 90’s rap group Tag Team who created the classic stadium anthem “Whoomp! There It Is." And recently the hit SAG National Commercial Ad by GEICO, Scoop There It Is!

DC has been training tenaciously for film, tv, and commercial acting since 2017. Enjoying this fruitful journey sharpening his craft with L.A. acting coach Crystal Carson (Auditioning by Heart), ATL acting coach Natalia Livingston (Actor Boutique), and improv veteran Ray Bengston. DC has relished the process of auditioning and training with the aid of all his talented actor colleagues on WeAudition to become a successful working actor. DC has also enjoyed training vigorously for years, seeking mastery in the arts of voiceover. His magnetic presence and rich, textured voice have been nurtured by VO coaches Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker (S.O.V.A.S.), as well as Denise Woods (author of The Power of Voice), dialect coach to the stars. With the continued support of The People Store agency in Atlanta, GA. as his representation. This partnership is achieving goals only dreams are made of.

Connect on Twitter @DCGlennATL or online at https://www.tagteambackagain.com  

About the host
Ross Romano is a co-founder of the Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations and high-performing leaders in the K-12 education industry communicate their vision and make strategic decisions that lead to long-term success. Connect on Twitter @RossBRomano or LinkedIn

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Ross Romano
Ross Romano
Co-founder of Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies. Strategist, consultant, and performance coach.
DC Glenn aka DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team
DC Glenn aka DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team
I am the legendary #90s #hiphop platinum-selling artist DC The Brain Supreme of #TagTeam. #WhoompThereItIs! 2625 Piedmont Road 56-437Atlanta, GA 30324
Whoomp! (There it Is) with DC Glenn aka DC the Brain Supreme of Tag Team