Reality Check with Carlo Mahfouz

Carlo Mahfouz is a Renaissance man. An intrapreneur and product development executive in the healthcare ed-tech space with a deep understanding of technology, he works developing products to help improve patients’ outcomes and driving change in organizations, teams, and individuals.
In this episode, we discuss Carlo’s book, Reality Check: In Pursuit of the Right Questions
The conversation includes:
  • The right questions direct our attention to the problems that matter most. The wrong questions are aimed at distractions.
  • How to perform a reality check on competing priorities
  • “Priority is a function of context.”  - Stephen Covey
  • Context, time, and the observer: each can be used as an excuse or impediment — or as a guide and a tool
  • “To be in the moment, we need to be prepared.” 
  • “To ask the right questions is not to look for an answer.”
  • Valuable competencies: comfort with ambiguity, patience, collaboration, reflectiveness, openness, and listening
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About today’s guest
Carlo Mahfouz is a firm believer in tech’s power to create positive global change, a novice opera singer who heads innovation at a classical music non-profit company, and a published author. Carlo grew up in Lebanon, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame University. He also holds an Executive MBA from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. In addition to his busy career, he enjoys hiking, drawing, photography, and playing his classical guitar. You can find Carlo elsewhere on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
About the host
Ross Romano is a co-founder of the Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations and high-performing leaders in the K-12 education industry communicate their vision and make strategic decisions that lead to long-term success. Ross is a performance and leadership development coach, marketing and communications strategist, and thought leadership expert. Connect on Twitter @RossBRomano or LinkedIn

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Ross Romano
Co-founder of Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies. Strategist, consultant, and performance coach.
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Carlo Mahfouz
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Reality Check with Carlo Mahfouz