Best of The Authority: Always Strive to Be a Better You with Pete Hall

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This episode features veteran school administrator, educational consultant, and executive coach Pete Hall. Ross and Pete discussed Pete's latest book, Always Strive to Be a Better You.
Discussion points:
  • Why Pete took on this ambitious project
  • How to understand the potential as an asymptote
  • The benefit of building his lessons around normal people
  • The range of goals people pursue to live a better life
  • The four tenets of the book: Know Thyself, Work for Love, Let Your Light Shine, and Rule the Day
  • Key learnings about becoming a better you
  • Why clarity precedes competence
Learn more about Pete’s work and the book Always Strive to Be a Better You at You can also find the book on  Amazon.
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About the guest
Veteran school administrator and educational consultant Pete Hall channels his experiences as a school principal, life coach, and small-business owner into manageable lessons for continuous growth, personal improvement, and positive mindset. Follow Pete on Twitter @educationhall
About the host
Ross Romano is a co-founder of the Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies LLC, a consulting firm that helps organizations and high-performing leaders in the K-12 education industry communicate their vision and make strategic decisions that lead to long-term success. Connect on Twitter @RossBRomano

Creators and Guests

Ross Romano
Ross Romano
Co-founder of Be Podcast Network and CEO of September Strategies. Strategist, consultant, and performance coach.
Pete Hall
Pete Hall
Professional development agent, school principal on sabbatical, best-selling author, speaker, and motivational coach: Always strive to be a better you!
Best of The Authority: Always Strive to Be a Better You with Pete Hall